LED Light Up Shoelaces Are Awesome for Raves and Night-Time Shoe Tying


There are two markets for these wicked glowing LED shoelaces:

  • People who go to raves and clubs and want to stand out with something completely unique and definitely cool
  • People who are always finding their shoelaces coming undone in the dark and have difficulties tying them back up

Okay, so it’s probably the former group that we’re thinking of when they created these but surely we all could benefit from glowing shoelaces? And surely the world would be a better place if we did all have them. Imagine being outside in the summer running around looking like the flash…. or jumpin’ to the thumpin’ at the next rave. Don’t be caught dead without them.

They come with different blinking functions and you have the option to mix and match colors. If there was an award for ‘most interesting laces’, you would probably win it.

LED Light Up Shoelaces

Light Up Laces

Blue LED Shoelaces


Glowing Shoelaces

LED Glowing Shoelaces


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