Leaf Takes Thought, Guesswork Out Of Homegrown Medicinal Marijuana

Whatever your individual opinion of its use, there is no denying that marijuana’s legitimization through spreading decriminalization possesses momentum that won’t be halted. With cannabis growth and distribution now a more lucrative cottage industry than ever where legislative barriers against its medicinal and recreational uses have broken down, the time has come for a simpler, faster and more interactive process for producing homegrown strains.

Standing roughly the size of a small refrigerator and designed to simplify medicinal-grade marijuana’s growth and dosing, Leaf is the world’s first “Plug N’ Plant™” cannabis production system. The heart of the system is the bond between the Leaf unit itself and its companion smartphone app. The Leaf unit itself optimizes its settings and growlight custom-designed exclusively by NASA’s leading agricultural lighting researchers for ideal medicinal size, weight, density and potency.

Meanwhile, the app keeps a perpetual watchful eye on Leaf’s environment and dynamically adjusts it either as needed or as you direct it with complete at-a-glance environmental data and live HD monitoring of your plants on your device.

In addition to displaying your strain’s present growth timeline, the app also updates tracking of each plant’s nutrients, pH level, surrounding air and water temperatures, and more. It will also update the ongoing statuses of the unit’s fan, light and CO2 and O2 pumps so you can adapt growth variables as needed. Leaf’s patent-pending nutrient delivery system ensures that each plant receives its optimal sustenance exactly on the schedule you program.

(WARNING – The cultivation of cannabis for medical and/or recreational use is not yet legally approved in all jurisdictions. Before purchasing and using this product, please verify growth, possession and distribution restrictions in your area. Neither Unique Hunters nor the manufacturers of Leaf are responsible for any legal consequences of growing, using, possessing or distributing cannabis either in violation of federal, state and local laws or where it is not legal in the first place.)

With a $100 reserve deposit, a Leaf can be yours for only $1,400 due at shipping when the first series becomes commercially available in Summer 2016.

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Growing Cannabis has Never Been Easier

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