Lazerwood Wood Keys For Apple Keyboards Add A Touch Of Natural Class To Your Mac

Lazerwood saw an untouched problem with their Apple products. They then got wood.

If there’s an apt critique of Apple products to be made – aside from badly executed launches that precede eventually admirable products – it’s that their cold aesthetics don’t really lend great character. They may look like they were torn whole from the gloriously shiny metal ass of our eventual Lord and Conquerer, Bender Bending Rodriguez, but they have all the personality of Cybermen humiliatingly demoted to live out the rest of their days playing Iggy Azalea songs and giving eight-year-olds with turbo-charged ADHD a place to play Angry Birds. With their fists.

Elegant, sure. But, at the same time, more like, “Elegant…Brrrr.”

Here’s a solution that should be Tim Cook’s shame for not thinking of this nifty customization first: fashionable aftermarket wood keys for Apple extended, wireless and MacBook keyboards. Brilliant. Look at these handsome buttons fashioned from genuine walnut or cherry wood – your choice. They accent Apple’s modern polish so ideally, and in numerous keyboard languages, to boot.

It takes unthinkable dexterity and skill to shape and style such thin, perfectly keys. The even greater wonder is, the adhesive backing gives these modified keys a smooth, precise action, thanks to their precision laster cuts. Users who exercise equal care when positioning the keys before pressing them into place should even be able to eventually remove them, if ever necessary or desired, without damaging the keyboard itself.

Non-English Lazerwood sets sold outside the United States may differ in key sizes, in order to appropriately fit the keys to other countries’ keyboard layouts tailored to their native users. These keys are not compatible modifications to convert a U.S. keyboard to new layout. Make sure to confirm your language preference before completing your order.

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