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Lazareth LM847 4-Wheel Monster Bike Powered By Maserati Engine For Your Own Grand Turismo

What if a race car and a racing motorcycle had a baby, what would it look like? That is an easy question to answer, it would look just like the Lazareth LM 847 4-wheel super bike. More accurately called a ‘monster’ bike, for many reasons, mainly, because of it’s V8 Maserati 4.7 liter engine.

It is ‘hard’ to believe, but true, this ‘thing’ is like sitting on-top of a herd of 470 horses, and it will give you whiplash from the 457 lb-ft torque it turns out by just touching the throttle. Weighing in at 882 pounds, there isn’t any room for anything except a pilot’s seat, because this beast can fly like the wind.

How fast does it go, you may ask? That is usually the first question people ask after the initial shock from gazing upon the super bike. There are no performance figures available, but lets just assume it’s not supersonic.

You can marvel over more information about this amazing monster motorcycle on the company’s website.

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At 470 horses, it will give you whiplash from the 457 lb-ft torque

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$217,000 Buy Here
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