Laser Ring Exists! Green Lantern Gets Giddy With Jelously

We Have Never Needed Anything The Way We Need This

No words. Should…have sent…a poet.

Since the first time ever we raised our decoder-ringed fists still bearing the Cap’n Crunch dust of our excavations and swore the hallowed Green Lantern oath, we have desired nothing less than a ring whose light harnesses the universe’s most absolute power to create…or destroy.


Dreams can come true.

This is no trickery. This is the LaserGadgets Laser Ring. It is a ring which dispenses a laser that, as you can see, does not pass harmlessly through whatever crosses its path. It actually burns things, including punching holes in fabric and etching a smiley face into a wall.

This is not a one-off, either. The fellow who handcrafted what is destined to be the most sought-after wedding band in the history of the world also previously fabricated a fully operational replica of Tony Stark’s armor gauntlets from Iron Man – gauntlets which fire similar lasers from a concealed, retractable mechanism and the palm-mounted “flight-stabilizer” repulsors.

Also, it fires missiles. Actual “go-boom” missiles.

Why are we not subsidizing this man?


Source – Gadgetify via Laser-Gadgets

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