Larry Alert Mobile Wireless Alarm Creates A Shield Around Your Stuff

There are countless situations when you need ‘someone’ to watch your stuff, or to monitor some area around your house late at night, like a security guard or monitoring system you can just setup to alert you when your things are moved or molested.

Larry Alert is that extra help you need, to keep watch over your things when you are away or unable to keep an ‘eye’ on them. Using radar, this little wireless watchdog creates an invisible shield around your things, or a designated area, and will then alert you if any ‘thing’ moves out-of-place.

Its a hardy piece of tiny equipment that works in all types of weather, so you can place it anywhere you need too, with either a suction cup mount or secure it with a tie-down strap of Velcro. To operate all of the functions, you can easily download the smartphone app for it from Google play.

Because it has a camera that will snap pictures when motion is triggered, you could also us it as a doorbell of sorts, as you can view the camera through the app. There is a lot more to discover about what Larry can do for you, as you will quickly see when you look at its specs.

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It's like a protective force field around your stuff

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