Largest Arcade Machine Sets Massive Guinness World Record

Jason Camberis is a mortal man with the game of gods – too pro for the meager arcade cabinets of pitiful mortal men. Truly, he is too “pro” for humanity’s toys. Thus, the 44-year-old Chicago network engineer crafted one gaming system to rule over them all.

So it came to pass that his 4.41-meter-tall, 1.06-meter-deep cabinet set a Guinness world record to stand him in good stead through the ages. His colossus of gaming could hold up to 112 bathtubs of water, could stand eye-to-screen with an adult African elephant, and after two years, is officially recognized as the Largest Arcade Machine Ever Made.

“I wanted to bring joy and happiness to people, and my arcade machine certainly makes people smile,” he said. “My wife wonders what I will do next but I already have a plan!”

Camberis leaves no reason to doubt that. After all, he makes his living building and selling custom security systems and home arcade machines. Players must ascend a set of stairs protruding from the bottom of the record-setting cabinet just to reach the massive buttons and 16″ glass track ball. Consider it well-worth the journey, though; his Goliath tribute to the Halcyon gaming era of his youth holds more than 200 working versions of classic arcade games such as DRAGON SPIRIT and PACMAN.

To learn more about his astonishing machine, pick up the 2016 Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition, which is available now at

Source – GuinnessWorldRecords via  ARCADE DeLuxe

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