Land & Water RC Hovercraft Makes Your Old RC Car Look Like A Wooden Toy

Sure driving a remote controlled car is fun. Flying a remote controlled helicopter is even more fun. But what beats both of those? Controlling an RC hovercraft that goes over both land and water. This unique craft uses hovering technology to zoom across the water and dash across the ground unlike anything you’ve ever seen. It is the perfect toy for both kids and adults and will provide hours of fun.

You’ll communicate with the hovercraft via a 27 Mhz radio remote that lets you drive from up to 195 feet away. It allows you to control precise forward/backward and right/left movement all in the blink of an eye. Powerful, twin fan drives propel the hovercraft at speeds up to 12mph on smooth surfaces and 3mph over the water. A third fan inflates the twin rubber air skirts to keep the hovercraft off the ground. You’ll love controlling the precise movements at top speed as it zips along both land and sea.

The hovercraft will run for 13 minutes on each charge of its USB battery, giving you plenty of time to get in a fun RC session. The remote only requires 1 nine-volt battery so you won’t be shelling out for a million AA’s. The hovercraft is 14.5” long by 13.5” wide and approximately 5.5” tall and weighs just 3 pounds, making it great for any area. You’ll have a blast riding the craft over a cushion of air and flying around with this RC hovercraft.

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