Lampuga Electric Jet Powered Surfboard is Awesome Surfing for Lazy People – At Last!

Lampuga describes itself as ‘More Than a Surfboard’. At roughly $17,000 , it damn well better be.

Gee, that’s not very helpful. A billion things are more than a surfboard. A computer is more than a surfboard for instance. And so are two surfboards.

lampuga jet surfboard

This surfboard from Lampuga is not ‘two surfboards’. Nor is it three surfboards. In fact it is a fully electric jet-driven board that is capable of reaching super high velocities without you having to actually do anything. If you lie down, then you literally don’t even need to balance. This means you can be as active as you are when you’re lying on the couch watching TV, except you will be cruising along the waves at high speeds and seeing amazing things.

jet surfboard

Although the battery only lasts about 30 minutes, you can travel up to 32 MPH. What’s awesome is that when you eventually fall, the boards’ emergency system intelligently comes to a halt. When it does run out of power, a full charge is only an hour away.

lampuga jet back

Lampuga is made of carbon-fiber composite materials and this makes it incredibly light yet durable. It’s namesake is the dolphinfish which is one of the fastest fish in the world.

•  Length: 2.56 m (8’ 5”)
•  Width: 0.8 m (2’ 7”)
•  Height: 0.16 m (6”)
•  Weight: 39.0 kg (86.0 lb)
•  Battery type: Lithium 51.8 V  capacity 58.8 Ah
•  Speed*: up to 52 kmph (32 mph)
•  Engine power: 15 hp
•  Battery duration*: 20-35 minutes
•  Range*: up to 20 km (12 miles)
•  Charging time: 120 minutes with standard charging device

/ 60 minutes with high power charger **

•  Price: 15,400 € ($17,200 USD)

whie and black electric surfboard

Basically it’s a safe, fun and exciting way to sample surfing even if you aren’t great at it yourself. If you’re looking for a great way to enjoy some outdoor action then this might be the answer!

Source – Lampuga

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