Lampster Robot Lamp Fills Your Room With Macho Retro Car Coolness

About 40 to 50 years ago things were made differently than today; things were made with the style of the times and were crafted to last. Basically, they were hardy, and businesses took more time and attention to details that are coveted in the nostalgia of the 1950’s era.

One of the ‘things’ that people love about that time period are the cars, and everything related to them, such as the style of car headlights. Well, some fun-loving guys who ‘dig’ old cars, dug-up an old nostalgic car headlight and then melded it to meet the needs of today’s groovy people, the results were super – “Lampster” was born!

Lampster – a very hip, retro, customize-able little robo lamp that has 2 LED light sources mounted in an classic vehicle headlight that serves as this little lamp-dude’s head, it can be easily adjusted to meet the direction of your lighting needs. And, you can control the light via a mobile app, and it can even be set to music for a little “Lampster-man” disco party.

One thing for sure, this lamp has stature and style, the whole body of the lamp can be customized in any color or design you want, which allows you to match any home design or theme you got going on at home or work.

What else does it do besides looking retro cool? Well, the ‘head-light’ can be easily adjusted to face any direction, and its base is as firm as a superhero lamp stance. And, the head-light is large enough that you can rest your headphones on when not rocking out to your latest retro-remakes. This is definitely a very useful light source to have around. The Lampster – a handy, custom-made lamp that looks like a retro superhero, what’s not to like?

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