Kodak Baby Monitoring System With Infrared Night Vision

The purpose of mankind is simple, to take care of babies and help them grow into responsible adults that can change the world for the best, and that all starts at home, in the crib. Thanks to technology, new parents have lots of help available, like this quality baby monitoring system by Kodak.

What makes this baby monitoring system better than the rest? Well, its smart, because it uses smartphone apps that sync with your tablet, smartphone or mobile device that you carry with you all the time, so you know if your baby needs you… or not.

The Tend Baby app is what makes the whole system work like a charm, so you can cherish the moments of peace, in quite, while your baby is resting or playing, but when they need you, you will know it! With a Kodak HD camera, you can see exactly what is happening in baby’s room, not like the old fuzzy grayish pictures of the past.

No, with this Kodak Baby Monitoring System, you will have razor-sharp live streaming video you can view, or edit the video and post it proudly on Facebook or other social media. It has all the features of a top-of-the-line baby monitor, and more; it has infrared night vision and 180 degree view, so you can see the ‘whole’ room night or day.

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Razor-sharp live streaming video you can view from anywhere on your smartphone

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