Klingon Messenger Bag w/ Bat’leth Trim Holds All Your Gear For A Glorious Battle

Just about any day can be a good day to die. There’s never any honor in bearing one’s nerdy armaments in a messenger bag that says anything less than, “Brute strength is not the most important asset in a fight, and I am not a geek to be trifled with.”

The sigil stamped on this Klingon Messenger Bag’s front flap is hardly its greatest demonstration of a true Trekkie’s loyal ferocity. For our money, that would be its custom metal Bat’leth trim, complete with a faux suede accent that says, “A fool and his head are soon parted, but I’ll do it with a little panache.” With ample room in this two-toned faux leather black bag’s zippered main compartment and its two additional interior organizing pockets, you never have to be without just exactly the weapon called for to fight for your empire’s honor stowed alongside up to a 15-inch laptop. Your possessions will always travel in dignified fashion enclosed within custom-printed Klingon nylon lining secured by the flap’s double-snap magnetic closure. Even a blind Romulan will grant a wide berth when you bear the adjustable strap’s screen printed Klingon sash pattern across your mighty chest.

Only a fool fights in a burning house. However, if he carries this Klingon Messenger Bag, there’s a better chance he can stash his Macbook before he changes his mind and gets out of there.






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Is Perfect For The Warrior Who Cuts 4,000 Throats In A Single Night

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