Kitchenaid Coffee Maker Uses Vacuum Technology to Brew Your Drinks!

Think you know how coffee makers/kettles work? Think again! The Kitchenaid coffee maker turns the whole idea of a kettle/coffee maker on its head by using a vacuum to make your coffee.

Sound high tech?

Actually it’s not! This is in fact is old technology that has simply been brought back. The vacuum coffee pot or ‘vac pot’ was in use as far back as the 1830s.

This model from Kitchenaid is based on the same principles but of course is a little more high tech than its predecessors.

To use it, you just pour the coffee into the globe at the top and then add water to the carafe in the bottom. A hidden heating element in the stand then heats the water to the perfect temperature while a vacuum sucks the water into the brewing chamber to make the mix. Then just pour into your favorite coffee mug and drink awak.

Not only is this entertaining to watch, it’s also more convenient and easier to prepare and it results in a particularly frothy and delicious coffee. It’s also lighter and smaller than a regular coffee machine so all in all it’s a pretty handy machine. Who knows why this design was abandoned in the first place??

Source – Coolmaterial / Kitchenaid


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