Kisai Vortex Throws Everything You Know About Telling Time Into A New Dimension

With the release of the Apple Watch and continued success of other similar smartwatch competitors, you’re probably thinking they’ve thought of everything right? Wrong! Tokyoflash is switching up the way that we display and think of time.

They’ve created a new smartwatch with a spiraling time display that’s frame is underneath a concave lens. While this unorthodox display may leave you with vision of the Doctor Who time vortex, the functionality behind the watch can quickly be learned.

On this smartwatch’s display is a set of vivid rings, each representing a different time measurement. The outermost cyclone of rings represents seconds with a larger set of rings inside portraying the hours of the day. The following set of rings inside measure your standard minutes, with the remaining innermost set of rings used to calculate time zones.

While this methodology of measuring time may feel slightly dizzying at first, you’ll be riding the wave of the future with this hybrid display and its gun-metal finish.

TokyoFlash Kisai Vortex LCD Watch 2 TokyoFlash Kisai Vortex LCD Watch
TokyoFlash Kisai Vortex LCD Watch
Source – TokyoFlash
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