Kingii Dragon Robot Will Frighten Everyone, Especially Your Pets

At least, a Build-Your-Own-Animal-Robot-Master kit ideal for the budding Dr. Wiley in your family who lives to terrorize the heavyset, clumsy and sleazy Dennis Nedry in someone else’s family.

Look, modeling our lives on the teachings of the MEGA MAN X franchise has yet to steer us wrong. Therefore, we remain resolute that only one course of action could ever make some good citizens of the animal kingdom more fascinating than Nature pushed the envelope for them to become already: make ’em robots.

Our pick as a superb set of starting blocks? The OWI King II Dragon Robot Science Kit, everything all and sundry ages 10 and up need to build their very own working, responsive robotic likeness of Australia’s chalamydosaurus kingii, or frilled lizard.

chalamydosaurus kingii frilled lizard

Or, to those who could watch those same few minutes of JURASSIC PARK on a loop for at least an hour a day, the closest any of us will ever get to that cheeky, ill-tempered dilophosaurus that ended a chunky, corrupt jerk played by Wayne Knight with Loogies of Doom.

This AI kit includes a “Follow Me” mode activated with a two-way switch, allowing the robot lizard to “intelligently” assess its surroundings. After taking stock of all threats, or lack thereof, it will either approach and follow its operator all docile-like or “bluff” a would-be attacker by unfurling and shaking its frill – just like a real frilled lizard would.

If it enters “escape” mode, on the other hand, it does its best impression of its real-life inspiration by lighting up its LED eyes, gaping its mouth, rattling its frill, and scampering right the hell off. Meantime, this little dickens is calm enough to walk right up to anyone, as long as it doesn’t sense “danger”.

For added unforgettable fun, we highly recommend fitting your dog with a certain Russian “snarling” muzzle and seeing who scares the confused crap out of who first.

This kit includes everything needed for immediate assembly and use except the required four AAA batteries.


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