What Kind Of Dog Do You Look Like? Microsoft’s Facial Recognition Finds Your Breed.

In all scientific endeavors, this was Microsoft’s most serious order of Not-At-All-Serious Business: if people were dogs, what kinds of dogs would we be?

We need wonder no more. The world-leading software pioneers have developed What-Dog.net in the name of good, fascinatingly accurate fun from the UK-based facial recognition app team that introduced HowOld.net, TwinsOrNot.net,  MyMoustache.net and Mimicker Alarm. The mobile and desktop tool – known as “Fetch!” on mobile platforms – analyzes facial photographs and sets out to deliver “an informed guess on what kind of dog you or your friends might be.

To our friends whose tin-foil hats just began fitting a bit more tightly, calm thy tits. Microsoft has explicitly stated that they do not keep any submitted photos. In the meantime, we recommend giving it a try. Our test subject who gave it a whirl was told he is apparently a Labrador – “Muscular body. Smart. Waterproof coat.”

Microsoft Research development director Mitch Goldberg said, “There was an interest in creating a framework that would allow you to take a domain – in our case, dogs – and recognize numerous classes, such as breeds. We were interested in enabling an app to allow you to make object recognition extraordinary, fun and surprising.”

Source – IFLScience

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