Keynote Key Hanger Offers A Sound Solution For Finding Wayward Keys

To the musically inclined among us, the world is a garden of aural pleasure that is always in bloom. Ever hear the old saying, “When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail?” Well, a roomful of musicians never fails to remind us of a bag of hammers.

Hand any drummer a pair of pens. You won’t count all the way down from three before they transmogrify into drumsticks. Many are the significant others of obsessive guitarists who would attest to catching their partners’ hands running up and down invisible fretboards in their sleep. Who hasn’t seen a pianist friend’s hands idly tickling imaginary ivories in idle moments?

The Keynote Key Hanger assumes that audio engineers must be no different. Find their lost keys? You might as well ask them to unearth the Ark of the Covenant or the master of Freddie Mercury’s lost rendition of “New York, New York” from “Highlander.” Ah, but have you ever seen a veteran producer who couldn’t finely adjust every fader on a board blindfolded? Think of this as putting a familiar spin on a common frustration: just hang those keys on something guaranteed to draw a bass hound’s eye.

These glorious magnetic, movable key hangers actually slide up and down like a real equalizer that’s found in any true musicians studio. No matter what type of musician you are, this rockin’ gift is sure to make sure your gift is always on the right track.


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The sweet sound of jingling keys when you find them every time

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