Keyboard Waffle Iron Lures Computer Obsessed Kids To The Table

You like waffles? If you do, then you probably have a favorite waffle iron at home. There are many ways to flavor waffles and they can be great fun for kids to eat, especially when you consider the myriads of flavored syrups available like chocolate, strawberry and blueberry, or just melted butter and some honey can make waffles taste great.

Specialized waffle iron engineers, using the latest in waffle iron technology like to have fun too sometimes, and, it is evident by the creative designs of some interesting waffle iron shapes available. Some waffle irons are shaped like a heart, cartoons characters like Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty, automobiles, the State of Texas, and many other things that can’t be mentioned here.

Now, there is another popular waffle iron shape, the Keyboard Waffle Iron, by Chris Dimino. Yeah, it looks like a keyboard, and that familiar look of a keyboard shape almost draws people to the table when it’s time to eat; little people such as kids.

It is hard enough to get kids off the computer without food, but the Keyboard Waffle Iron maybe just the lure to hook your kids, so you can real them in, away from the computer long enough to eat their breakfast or lunch. Thanks, Chris Dimino.


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Novelty Waffle Makers
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