Kevlar Sleeves Give You The Best Cut-Resistant Protection Against Sharp Knives

Impact Resistant Gloves Prevent Impact And Cut Hazards With Dupont Kevlar

There are countless industries that have tasks that pose a risk to worker safety, where cuts and burns are potential hazards. Although, gloves are a mandatory piece of safety attire when doing hazardous work, the hands aren’t the only part of the body that can get cut or burned. In fact, arm protection is often overlooked in nearly all industries.

EasyLife’s Kevlar Sleeves fill the gap in providing the extra protection that workers need when doing any kind of manual work. These quality safety sleeves are made with Dupont Kevlar, so you know they will protect you from power tools, blades, or any sharp object that could potentially harm your arm.

The protection rating is an ANSI 4 level, which can handle nearly any cutting hazard, and fit comfortably enough not to be restrictive. At 18 inches long, these will fit most people and assures protection well past the elbows.

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