Keurig Kold Drinkmaker System Makes Any Cold Drinks, Anytime, Perfectly

If you are like most folks, having soft drinks in your house is a common occurrence, and some people like to stock up on their favorite drinks, but buying a few cases can take up valuable pantry real-estate. Wouldn’t it be great, if there was some way you could stock-up on all your favorite beverages and not take up valuable space, or there was some way you could Make a Coca-Cola®,Make a Sprite®, Make a Dr Pepper®, or other drinks yourself, whenever you wanted? Well, you can.

Keurig Kold – a drink making system that lets you make your favorite drinks such as craft sodas, iced teas, sport drinks and a variety of other drinks you may not have tried before. It looks a bit like a plug-in coffee maker, but instead of popping coffee bags inside this drink making machine, you load Kold Pods of your desired beverage.

Both hot and cold drinks can be made, and it is impressive to see so many major brands have gotten involved with this product. The technology behind the drink pods is very interesting; Karbonator™ beads are utilized to produce a perfectly made beverage, every time. And, because storage space is not an issue, you can stock-up on all your favorite drinks and make them whenever you want, perfectly, with just a push of the button.Keurig KoldKeurig Kold Black

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