Katana Forged From Meteorite Makes Demons Howl and Angels Rejoice

Hattori Hanzo made Beatrix Kiddo the sword she killed Bill with. Cloud Strife used his famous Buster Sword to slay the evil Sephiroth. But there are no real-life swords that are seriously special, right? That would be wrong.

In 2010, Terry Pratchett had a sword made from a meteorite, dubbing the sword Tentetsutou, or Sword of Heaven. A legendary blacksmith by the name of Yoshindo Yoshiwara crafted the one-of-a-kind weapon with fragments from a meteorite called Gibeon that landed in Namibia. This beautiful masterpiece is being showcased at a CIT exhibit at the Skytree tower in Japan.

Will this beauty ever be used to exact justice? Will it one day be used in an epic sword fight? Will a legendary warrior take up the good fight against evil monsters and terrorism? We can only hope!

Meteorite Katana Sword Meteorite Katana Sword (1) Meteorite Katana Sword (5) Meteorite Katana Sword



Source – Technabob

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