Karate Kid Pop Vinyl Figures Wipe On Mr Miyagi Style Awesomeness With Daniel-San & Johnny

Why not take a trip down memory lane? It was 1984 when the original Karate Kid movie came out and changed how the world viewed Karate, and these Karate Kid Pop Vinyl Figures are sure to smack you in the head to jar a few memories.

Mr. Miyagi, the wise old Japanese Karate teacher was full of little meaningful quotes to help guide his naive student Daniel in the ways of Kara-te’. It never hurts to have some wise quotes that could help guide you through some of your own modern-day problems. Like Daniel-san, we all need little reminders to get through the day, and these little Karate Kid figures help remind us of the important things in life. “Don’t forget to breathe.” – Mr. Miyagi

Funko continues to add to their extensive collection of fun figures, and now you can own your own Daniel-San,  Mr. Miyagi  or bad-boy Johnny Lawrence Pop Vinyl Figures. Why not get all three? These are official licensed merchandised figures from ‘The Karate Kid’ movie, and owning them should give you inspiration to tap into the powers of Kara-te’, you’ll be catching flies with your chop sticks in no-time!Karate Kid Pop Vinyl Figures (2)Karate Kid Pop Vinyl Figures (3)Karate Kid Pop Vinyl Figures (4)


Karate Kid Pop Vinyl Figures
Karate Kid Pop Vinyl Figures
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