Kangaroo Jacket Hoodie, Perfect For A Mom Walkabout In All Seasons

If this front-loaded storage model is good enough for kangaroos bounding about Australia with their young, then there is no damn good reason this 4-in-1 Kangaroo Jacket Hoodie shouldn’t more than suffice for we enlightened masters of nature to haul around phones, keys, tablets, snacks, wallets, and our own little poop machines.

Even setting its convenience and comfort during pregnancy and while hauling newborns around alike, this is just one fantastically comfortable and handy everyday jacket/hoodie – a joodie. If this functional outerwear can support larger, older babies up to 2.5 years old, there isn’t much we mere mortal non-moms and dads can’t carry about just a little more comfortably.

Not only does the latest design expand the inner pocket to an unexpectedly deep 20 cm, the inner lining comes in attractive red-white or marine-white striped patterns. The cuffs’ fleece has been swapped out in favor of comfort-favoring elastic to suit the Kangaroo Jacket Hoodie’s lightweight-yet-warm fabric.

It happens to be double-tough too, built for water-repellent and quick-drying wear any time and anywhere with non-crease construction. Each of its four sizes (S-XL) comes with one hood for baby and one sized for the mother or father, both with certified cotton-lined interiors. Baby Carrying Sweatshirt Hoodie 3Baby Carrying Sweatshirt Hoodie 4Baby Carrying Sweatshirt Hoodie 2

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