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Justice League Nesting Dolls Steal Our Hearts With Superhero Cuteness

Infer what you will about perceptions of superhero hierarchy from these officially DC-licensed Justice League Matryoshka (“Russian Nesting”) Dolls. No lie, we’re all awash with adorbs.

Superman rules over all…because, of course. Below him is Batman. Finally, Wonder Woman has Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter all inside her.

Rough guess, what are our chances you’ll take it on faith that the last sentence sounded about as fraction as dirty in our heads? OK. Just asking.

Anyway. Moving right along. Ranging from 7.5″ (Superman) to 1″ (Martian Manhunter) in height, these hand-painted wooden Justice League Nesting Dolls make a unique and supremely cute tribute for all ages to the JLA’s seven iconic founding heroes.



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