Juice Booster Phone to Phone Instant Battery Charger

Being the easily amused sorts that we are, we kind of want a Juice Booster just for having an instant emergency phone-resuscitator with keen lightning-bolt stylizing that reminds us of giving our batteries a jolt with the power of The Flash himself.

Of course, it’s just damned practical, too.

This little foldable quasi-dongle is a compact keychain-sized set of jumper cables for any USB and OTG-compatible set of devices. Suppose you have one very dead phone and your pal has a full charge. Connect the Juice Booster at its connector ports and within seconds, BZZZT! Your device lives at practically no cost to your buddy’s charge.

Everyone should carry one of these margical Lazarus chargers in the name of paying forward battery kick-starts everywhere.

Juce Booster-Phone-Instant-Battery-Charger (3)Juce Booster-Phone-Instant-Battery-Charger (4)Juce Booster-Phone-Instant-Battery-Charger (2)

Source – Mustard

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Powerful help when drained!

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