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Joker Ground Breaker Makes Your Street Run Yellow With Fear-Pee

Go ahead. Give the neighborhood hellions terrorizing your Jack O’ Lanterns this October a truly terror-urine-soaked “Long Halloween” with a little help from ThinkGeek’s Joker Ground Breaker….and, according to what we think is a superbly vengeful suggestion, a motion-controlled spotlight.

Seriously, ThinkGeek: you are some sick little monkeys. Of all the Jokers you could have possibly chosen to depict tunneling his way up from the depths of Arkham to make his escape, you had to go and choose the Clown Prince of Crime as immortalized in DC’s New 52 cavalcade of nightmare fuel “Death of the Family”.

You had to choose the Joker that stapled his own face back on after the Dollmaker surgically removed it. At Joker’s request.

Now, imagine you’ve read “Death of the Family”. Let’s just sedate the howling “Spoiler!” monkey and tie it up in the corner. Imagine you know exactly how Joker chose to torment the Bat Family: by taking them hostage and serving them cloches supposedly containing their own peeled-off faces.

Now…imagine you’re a teenager intoxicated on hormones and blinding weapons-grade stupidity. You march into a neighbor’s backyard intending to get homicidal on some carved-up seasonal produce, a motion light kicks on, and this pants-soiling bastard lears up at you from the azaleas with knife in hand.

Your 40-yard dash time out of there would set a land-speed record. Joker Ground Breaker (1)Joker Ground Breaker (2)Joker Ground Breaker (3)

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Clawing With Fright!

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