JIC Audio Recording iPhone Case Secretly Saves All Of Your Conversations

Thanks to JIC – short for, “Just In Case” – we’re fairly certain we’ll never again be able to settle for a mere hardened outer shell that just protects our iPhones.

JIC is a versatile audio tool that not only records any sound you choose with the push of a button on the durable case’s backside, but does so without an iota drained from your phone’s battery and stores everything to an included 2GB microSD memory card without hogging your handset’s memory or depending upon internet-based cloud storage.

Having a conversation with a beloved relative you may not get another chance to reminisce with again? Cherish the memory by recording stories in their entirety to download later. Thunderstruck by a brilliant idea with nary a pen and pad in sight? Press the button and record your every thought instantly, in the moment. Save it right alongside your grocery list, a completely recorded lecture from a class, your recollection of that weird dream you had about Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz dueling Pokemon to decide the next presidential election, and that tasty ocarina riff you recorded to base a song on later.

Oh, and since you’ve doubtless wondered by now, yes, it can also record complete phone calls from beginning to end. We strongly recommend boning up on your state’s legal requirements for taping conversations first, however.

It’s a perfectly discreet, elegantly designed means of capturing hundreds of hours of pristine audio over the phone or in person from as far as 16 feet away from a source. Everything functions based on just two buttons, Play and Record, with a dedicated port for charging and data transfers. Finally, the case is available in five colors and is punishment-tested to withstand drops from up to 10 feet and 220 pounds of pressure.


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