Jetson V6 Hoverboard Is Target Exclusive With Unprecedented Safety Features

It’s like the old saying goes: those who don’t learn from history will never perfect a hoverboard that doesn’t set people on fire.

Now that acclaimed personal electric transportation developer Jetson has introduced its UL-Certified V6 Hoverboard exclusively to, we like to think that exact phrase appears word-for-word over the door to their R&D department.

For those not intimately versed in Jetson’s jargon, UL Standard 2272 refers to a battery of testing and safety protocols uniquely developed by the global safety consulting and licensing company to regulate responsible hoverboard manufacturing. The V6 is actually one of the first models whose compliance ensures safe, flame-resistant personal use. In fact, it sports a pioneering application allowing users to customize an individual board’s safety measures and light colors.

Its additional safety benefits include cutting-edge engineering and an industry-leading construction with premium materials. Jetson’s Active Balance Technology eases the V6’s learning curve from beginning rider to an intermediate skill level and all the way up to advanced proficiency.

Jetson revisited the V6’s design in the wake of 2015’s rash of recalls and tragic accidents traced to questionable design integrity throughout the hoverboard market. They chose to put their model’s charger, battery, and electrical drive train system all through groundbreaking rigorous testing in pursuit of the strictest possible UL compliance. Ultimately, every component either met or exceeded the very strictest international safety testing guidelines without exception.

As long as Jetson was eschewing “legacy-based” safety solutions championed by their competitors, they decided their hoverboard might as well set the bar for quality just a bit higher still. The V6 sports a uniquely treated flame-retardant shell covered with anti-slip grip pads. It reportedly offers enhanced water-resistance for dependable stability under any set of conditions. Riders can also switch at will between three customizable ride modes tailored to varying skill levels, making it quick and easy to adapt the V6 itself for a safe, smooth experience.

Not every V6 innovation focuses on a revamped commitment to consumer safety. The newly introduced Ride Ready iOS and Android mobile app is free to download with every purchase and comes loaded with options that enable ride tracking, social competition among friends through real-time data sharing, the power to track a lost board, and stream music through the V6’s Bluetooth audio system with a personally controlled light show. Of course, users can also control and modify the equipped riding mode to personalize driving force, speed, and steering sensitivity for an ideal cruise.

The Jetson V6 is available right now at and hits physical locations on Sept. 18, 2016.











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