Jetfoiler The Motorized Hydrofoil Attached To A Surfboard Takes Surfing To New Extreme Heights

Do you like being on the water, surfing, sailing, kayaking, or windsurfing? If you do, there is a new and faster way of getting around, it’s called the Jetfoiler – a motorized hydrofoil that is mounted to a surfboard.

Amazingly fast, the electric motor of the hydrofoil lifts the surfboard out of the water and lets you cruise with nearly no drag. It’s efficient, as you seemingly glide above the waves at impressive speeds.

This innovative surfboard enhancement changes the game of water activities, as it is a totally new type of water toy to get you where you’re going – a good time. Much like a ‘conventional’ motorized surfboard, the handheld controls are similar, however, the speeds that you can achieve are far from the same.

The foil as well as the deck are made of the same composites as performance race boats, and while it is still under development you can expect the Jetfoiler to be cruising the waters near you sometime soon.

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Soar the waves and never get wet

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