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Jelly Belly Vending Machine Is The Supreme Symbol Of Sweet, Sweet Wealth

There’s just something all-powerful about owning a Jelly Belly Vending Machine. It tells our guests, “That’s right, we can afford an obscene volume of jelly beans. Since we wish to go on being able to indulge such a luxury, we expect our guests to kick in for restocking if we’re to all continue lounging in a pudding bath together eating them from from champagne flutes while wearing balloon top hats and monocles.”

Don’t judge us.

In addition to the Jelly Belly Vending Machine itself at a mere $9,995 cost, distributor Frontgate also offers replacement Jelly Belly portion cups in bundles of 1,000 ($179.95) and 100-lb. jelly bean refills ($799) for all the savory, sugary enjoyment money can buy. The rich truly do live differently.


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$9,995 Buy Here
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