Lightsaber Heat Change Mug For A Jedi To Start Their Day With

If you are a true fan of the Star Wars universe, then this Star Wars Lightsaber Heat Change Mug is just what you’re looking for to add to your collection of Star Wars memorabilia. Lightsabers are a Jedi Knight’s unique tool to get the job done – striking down Sith Lords. And no Jedi Knight would leave home without one on his utility belt.

In honor of all the inner Jedi Knights out there, this heat mug was crafted. On the side of the mug there are assorted types and styles of lightsabers used in the movies. When hot liquid such as your favorite blend of coffee or Tantooine tea is poured into the lightsaber mug, then all the featured lightsabers of various colors turn on.

You can almost hear that signature buzzing sound that lightsabers make when turned on, as you fill your mug with your favorite hot drink. And, these are not your random lightsabers, these are the ones used by well know characters like Yoda, Obi-Wan, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and others. It is a definite must have for any fan of the franchise, and it’s an official 100% licensed original merchandise from Disney.

Star Wars Heat Changing Lightsaber Mug 2Star Wars Heat Changing Lightsaber Mug 1

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