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JAWS Mask Makes You The Land Shark Every Party Needs

Candy-Gram, you son of a bitch.

Just when you thought animal masks couldn’t get much more inexplicably unsettling in their attention to sculpted details than the beloved Horse-Head, Praying Mantis and Pug masks we’ve looked upon with curiosity and highlighted, it’s time to pay homage to the ocean’s single most fearsome fish.

Grab an iPhone, strike up a short clip of a certain chilling isolated two-note cello sting, set it to repeat, and don this ThinkGeek-exclusive JAWS Mask while traipsing about your Halloween party. With any luck, when that one doofus dressed as Left Shark that no one is quite sure who invited gets a glimpse of ol’ Bruce approaching fast with Quint’s hand and oxygen tank hanging out of his maw, you’ll have free reign to sidle right up to the cutie who painted the horse-head mask white, dunked herself in mud-wrestling flakes, and came to the party as dearly departed Artax.

Jaws Mask (1) Bruce the Shark Mask (2)Bruce the Shark Mask (3)Bruce the Shark Mask (1)

Jaws Mask
Jaws Mask
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