Japanese Statue Made of Dead Bugs is Good to the Last Insect

You may have seen a number of statues in your lifetime. From the Statue of Liberty to the Great Sphinx of Giza to the David Statue in Italy, statues represent not just people and animals, but historical events and the lives of those who do something truly great.
Though the oldest statues created around 30,000 years ago were generally made of marble or stone, people nowadays like to express their creativity in other mediums.One of the most visually stunning statues has been made out of something that might make your skin crawl. Bugs! Yoneji Inamura created a samurai doll of Nitta Yoshisada completely out of 5000 preserved bugs. Though this masterpiece is a pretty amazing feat, it’s bound to make your entire body itch.

Source – Kotaku via Naver

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