Jaguar Formula E Racer Returns With Tron-Like Electric Racing Car

For racing enthusiasts, Formula E Racing – made up of all electric racing cars – has not left anyone disappointed, except for those fans of the beleaguered Trulli team, which is dropping from the league’s third season. The good news, the loss of team Trullie in fall of 2016 leaves room for another team to enter Formula E’s third season, an entrant that has not been seen in motorsports for some time – team Jaguar.

It is an exciting time for motorsports racing to see the return of team Jaguar, although the automaker has been coy about speaking too much about their first all-electric Formula E racing car, except that the automaker is fully backing the technology that drives electric vehicles (EV). No doubt, team Jaguar will be showcasing their refined technology and placing it confidently under the extreme conditions of Formula E racing, for the world to see.


Source – Fiaformulae

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