Jaguar F-Pace SUV Breaks Stunning New Performance Ground

As “car porn” goes, this scintillatingly beautiful baby is the money shot of some sweet sports coupe-on-SUV action you don’t dare show your Toyota.

Jaguar Land Rover’s electric preview of the F-Pace crossbreed set to debut at next month’s Frankfort Motor Show glowed with the finest sexy, sporty F-Type genes the vaunted British automaker could have possibly spliced into its first-ever SUV.

The video emphasized stunning agility of its lightweight aluminum body and just how spry it can get atop double-wishbone front and integral-link suspension. Rest assured, this machine doesn’t so much “drive” or “roll” as utterly dance.

Built for high-performance control that never sacrifices comfort, its torque-vectoring brakes corner on a gnat’s toe with a little help from the F-Type’s pinpoint-fine-tuned electric power steering. Plus, for pure aesthetic joy, listen to that symphonic exhaust as it rips curvaceous mountain roads that would make Christina Hendricks blush to shreds of humiliated, emasculated asphalt.

For rugged gear-heads with a fetish for butter-smooth luxury, the F-Pace’s Frankfort coming-out party could be positively post-coital.

Source – 95Octane via Jaguar

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