Jabra Elite Sport Are Wireless Waterproof Earbuds With Up To 9 Hours Of Power

Ear buds, there are so many kinds to choose from, but they are definitely not all the same. Some have more battery life, others have better audio quality, but there is one thing that they do all have in common – these are fragile and never really ‘stay’ in your ears when doing physical activity such as jogging or exercising.

The Jabra Elite Sport is not just ‘another’ ear bud, these are special. Not only will you get 9 hours of talk or music time, but these will actually hug your ears, so you don’t have to restrict your movement for fear they will fall out on the floor and into water. And, they are water proof, so if you did drop them into water, no worries, they’ll still work perfectly.

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Superior quality wireless sound & calls

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