iTENS Wearable Electrotherapy Device For Pain Relief On The Go

If you have muscle pain throughout the day, then being away from home and having to move about can be torturous. Thankfully, you’re in luck! The new iTENS was designed to merge the benefits of electrotherapy and wearable technology, so that people can get the pain relief they need, wherever they are, doing whatever they need to do.

As the first wireless TENS therapy device that is actually approved by the FDA, there are no prescriptions needed, it can be purchased over-the-counter. The device provides a much-anticipated alternative treatment to pain, one that is drug-free.

Using easy to apply pads to areas of the body that need relief from pain, sensors are activated wirelessly, using an app for iPhone and Android smartphones. Many physicians are now recommending iTENS to their patients, to help minimize or even eliminate pain.

This is accomplished by electrical signals produced by iTENS pads that go through the skin to intercept pain signals, thus preventing them from reaching the brain, and to help release endorphins.

Using the device, the app displays the user’s pain level, and then tracks the results over time. As a non-prescription, alternative pain relief system that is drug-free, iTENS is avail to anyone who needs relief from pain.








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Drug-free alternative for treatment of a variety of pain conditions

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