Iron Man Wallbreaker is Like A Real Visit By Tony Stark

There are few movies that capture the attention of kids of all ages, and few characters who go on to become world renowned such as Iron Man. Iron Man and the Marvel Universe has surpassed all expectations; kids, teens and even adults just can’t get enough of him – Tony Stark.

For those ‘big’ fans of the Iron ‘Man’, who are looking for something a bit different, something that reaches out and says, “Here I am,” then an Iron Man Wallbreaker is just the thing.

Tony Stark has a definite flair for the dramatics; everyone knows this, and having a wallbreaker showing Tony seemingly crashing through the wall looks… awesome! Any fan of the Iron ‘Man’ will appreciate this cool piece of fan art that looks like the superhero is crashing through a stone wall to enter your personal space. And, it’s officially- licensed merchandise by Marvel, what more could you ask for? It’s the next best thing to an actual visit by Tony Stark.


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House crasher Iron Man will hang out in your place

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