Iron Man PS4 Controller Challenges Tony Stark’s Knack For Innovation

Since the beginning of the video game industry, consoles have duked it out for the title of being number one. NES destroyed the older systems like Atari. SNES defeated longtime adversary Sega Genesis in a bitter death match. Even N64 met its demise when it rose against PlayStation. And we’ve never looked back.

Regardless of how awesome the PS4 console may be, using the same old controller can be like watching paint dry. A PS4 gamer took inspiration from the legendary Tony Stark and created his own Custom Iron Man PS4 Controller. Using gold and red casing, some LED Thumbsticks, and a light bar decal, this innovator has seriously switched up the game.

Set those repulsors on to full blast.
IronMan PS4 Controller 1 IronMan PS4 Controller 3

Source – Imgur

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