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Iron Man Helmet Cookie Jar Is SHIELD Approved To Tactically Snack

Welcome home, Mr. Stark. The 2% milk is currently cooled to an optimal 42 degrees Fahrenheit. I have just finished filling the Hulk-Buster suit with roughly 25,000 snickerdoodles and the Mark II armor helmet has been filled with chocolate-chip cookies that reached ideal moistness and temperature for consumption five minutes ago. Will there be anything else, sir? I am currently multi-tasking the “Me-Time” protocol while posing as a vulgar Appalachian seven-year-old and defeating professional gamer’s in COUNTER-STRIKE.

Ask yourself: what is the most delicious possible way to consume a cookie? Here’s a hint: every answer except for “By plucking it directly from Iron Man’s head” are about as invalid as piss-poor answers get. For the record, we happen to believe this fine 8 1/2″ ceramic replica of Tony Stark’s classic outerwear pairs amazingly with a certain receptacle modeled on the cleaved-off head of Ultron.

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Jarvis! Cookies STAT!

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