iPin Laser Adds A Laser Pointer Right Into Any Smartphone’s Headphone Jack

If we didn’t lay down a common-sense warning beforehand when extolling the benefits of products like the iPin laser for iphone and android, someone would do some things with these goods guaranteed to make us concuss ourselves with face-palms. So before we extol the virtues of this fantastically compact laser-pointer, a moment of clarity, please.

Look, we get it. Laser pointers are fantastically amusing. If it isn’t the natural ease-of-amusement factor inherent in “OOOH, PRETTY RED LIGHT!” then it’s the fact that, yes, it resembles a sniper rifle’s laser sight.

Here’s the thing we’re astonished every day that some people have just never quite grasped: first off, to everyone else, IT RESEMBLES A SNIPER RIFLE’S LASER SIGHT. That’s to say nothing of both an abused laser pointer’s capacity to annoy the hell out of anyone and impair vision with potentially hazardous timing.

This is why law enforcement and security personnel can and will perform a performance-art tribute to Roto-Rooter on your nethers if you decide your amusement is more important than someone else’s eyesight and/or safety and/or r ight to not have an idiot annoy them at random.

That being said, this is one pretty sweet little pointer.

The iPinlaser is a best-of-two-needs product. On the one hand, its 635nm laser light is as bright as any commercial battery-operated laser pointer, if not brighter. On the other, it’s also safer in that it has much less potentially to damage the eyes of anyone whose peepers it should shine upon.

It really shines most in its design, however. Functionally, the hybrid pin design allows the user to turn the iPinlaser 90 degrees without shifting the light. But best of all, this ASIC chip-embedded laser is powered not by its own battery, but by plugging it into any USB port or Android/iOS smartphone’s headphone jack.

The world’s smallest laser pointer also happens to be the world’s brightest, safest and most convenient.iPin-Laser-Presenter-Mobile-Phone (5)iPin-Laser-Presenter-Mobile-Phone (4)iPin-Laser-Presenter-Mobile-Phone (6)iPin-Laser-Presenter-Mobile-Phone (1)iPin-Laser-Presenter-Mobile-Phone (7)iPin-Laser-Presenter-Mobile-Phone (2)iPin-Laser-Presenter-Mobile-Phone (3)

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