Interactive Windows to be the Future of In-Flight Entertainment?

This concept airbus features a wicked new patent for in-flight entertainment. That’s in the form of interactive windows that use a display in order to provide additional information about what they’re seeing in a very cool application of augmented reality. This way flights will be able to point out to you what you’re seeing as you fly over landmarks and give you details about the time to land. The concept also features a lot more glass than your typical plane that enables to see all around you in 360 degrees. It’s insanely futuristic.

Airbus-Concept-Plane_4 Airbus-Concept-Plane_5 Airbus-Concept-Plane_6 Airbus-Concept-Plane_1 Airbus-Concept-Plane_2 Airbus-Concept-Plane_3

Source – DamnGeeky

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