Intelligent Energy Hydrogen Fuel Cells Extends Drones Flight Time To Hours

Whether you like drones or not, these are here to stay – drones used for all types of aerial work, such as land surveying, aerial photography, military reconnaissance and local police departments are now using them to monitor traffic and chase down bad guys. The only limit to their use is the time these can stay in the air, and there is a frantic rush to do just that.

Drone can do so much, but they can only operate for a short amount of time because of the ‘weighty’ battery power sources they have to lug around, so tech companies racing to develop the next power source that can keep drones in the air longer. And, a company just accomplished that feat – Intelligent Energy. The energy tech company just developed a new hydrogen power source that will keep drones up in the air longer than ever before.

The energy technology company, Intelligent Energy has just empowered the drone industry with a hydrogen fuel cell that will allow these flying machines to increase their flight time and range of operation substantially. The prototype hydrogen fuel cell is receiving much attention from potential customers who are tied to the limitations of battery-powered drones.

As the demand for drones grow, Intelligent Energy’s hydrogen fuel cells have taken flight as the next best power source for drones and is expected to replace battery-power in the very near future. If you are looking for companies to invest into, then Intelligent Energy is ‘it’.

Intelligent-Energy-Hydrogen-Fuel-Cells  (1)Intelligent-Energy-Hydrogen-Fuel-Cells  (3)

Source – BusinessWire via IE

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