Instant Air Hockey Game Makes Any Table An Attack Zone

Is it just about the peak of first-world problems that we can’t instigate an air hockey challenged any place at any time? Sure. Does that make us want this Instant Air Hockey Game that includes everything needed to play a quick one-on-one game on any durable flat surface, anywhere at any time, any less at all? You bet your mother’s sainted bippy, it doesn’t.

Let us repeat: this kit, the contents of which store comfortably in an average backpack or messenger bag, turns any surface into an air hockey table. Yes, we are first-world spoiled and loving every moment of it.

Every kit includes two goals, two paddles (extra sets sold separately, should you want the option of two-on-two action) and true genius innovation of the whole shebang: the battery-operated puck that foregoes that nonsense about a whole table pumping out air in favor of letting the puck do the airy lifting. Jets lightly push out enough air for minimal floatation, and suddenly, you’ve got a game going.

Take your pick: $9.99 for this sweet little Instant Air Hockey Game starter set that takes seconds to set up or upward of thousands for a full-size working air hockey table. Just remember, you could probably play a full best-of-seven Air Hockey Stanley Cup series in the time it would take to set up that full gaming aparatus. We’re just thinking about your time-management, here.



Source – OddityMall

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