Insta360 Nano S Turns Your iPhone Into A Mobile 360 ° Camera

Chances are, you’ve seen the incredible videos produced by some of the newest cameras on the market. No longer is video limited to the eyesight of one camera. Now, 360 ° cameras like the Samsung Galaxy Gear 360 let you capture video in every direction at the same time. No turning of the camera or editing of the video, just hit record and watch as the scene all around you is captured in HD quality. However, most people aren’t willing to spend hundreds of dollars just on a camera. That’s where the Insta360 Nano S comes in. It attaches directly to your iPhone’s lightning jack and lets you capture that sweet 360 ° video in a breeze.

The Insta360 Nano S features two back-to-back fish eye lenses that together capture the whole range of video. The two images are automatically stitched together as you record into a single 360 ° image. All you’ll see is a truly stunning, immersive view of the scene. It also offers a MultiView feature that allows you to display multiple angles in one frame. You can look at the 360 ° environment in split screen configuration for easy viewing. The Nano S also supports 360 ° video chatting through your device and the recipient doesn’t need a 360 ° camera to see the video. It features image stabilization so that the 4K video it captures is smooth and crystal clear.

If you enjoy taking video, but don’t want to drop hundreds on an expensive 360 ° camera then the Nano S is for you. A simple connection to your iPhone (any recent iPhone) is all you need to start capturing, chatting, and even sharing your 360 ° to the most popular social media platforms.

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