Inside Chefs’ Fridges Highlights Choice Ingredients Of Europe’s Culinary Elite

For any craft, there’s much to be said for putting the tools of masters in the hands of aspiring students and ambitious amateurs. A new book titled INSIDE CHEFS’ FRIDGES offers a peek into the ingredients always kept on hand by some of the finest culinary masters across Europe.

In total, the 40 acclaimed chefs who welcomed this volume’s photographers and authors into their personal homes lay claim to a combined 60 Michelin stars. In these pages, they will open their refrigerator doors to explore their most essential contents in a series of expansive illustrations. You’ll take in evrything, from their most beloved home recipes to indispensable local ingredients and even address listings for each of their signature restaurants.

Bon appetit, world.

Inside Chefs Fridges (4)Inside Chefs Fridges (1)Inside Chefs Fridges (3)Inside Chefs Fridges (5)Inside Chefs Fridges (6)

Source – BlessThisStuff

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