InkCase IVY E-Ink iPhone Case Is A Personal Assistant That Makes Your Phone Even Better

If you have an iPhone 7, and you live a busy life, then you’ll be happy to hear that Oaxis just released the InkCase Ivy – a personal assistant compatible with iPhone 7. It is the ultimate tool that serves users with daily reminders, notifications, and other helpful tasks you would expect from a personal assistant.

To save battery power, this case comes with an E-Ink screen that will actually conserve energy. Amazingly, the case only adds 3.1mm thickness to the phone, including the 2.13-inch display, which possesses anti-glare properties that makes it easier to see text and messages on the screen.

Some of the features include displaying time of day, managing to-do lists, calendar reminders, and the ability to screen selected notifications from identified contacts on user’s favorite list. And, with only a single charge, the InkCase IVY can stay powered for up to two months, which is amazing.

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