Inflatable Windsurfing Rig Fits In Backpack & Weighs Only 3 Pounds

Windsurfing is an exhilarating sport that uses the wind to propel you on top of the waves. It is considered a serious sport, because it takes much practice to learn to stand on the board and handle the sail rigging, which is awkward and heavy to those new to the sport.

Many people would like to try windsurfing, but don’t want to invest in the sport until they learn how, and it isn’t as easy as it could be, until now.

Thanks to some German fellows, they created an easier way to learn to windsurf with an inflatable sail, and windsurfing setup that is perfect for beginners. And, because it is 70% lighter than a standard windsurfing sail rig, it is much easier to learn the sport, especially since the sail floats. If it falls over, the light weight makes it easier to lift it back up.

If you want to learn to windsurf, then the inflatable windsurfing rig is for you.

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Enjoy Windsurfing without lugging cumbersome equipment

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