Inflatable Unicorns Head Puts A Magical Creature On Your Wall

People have hunted animals since the dawn of mankind, and for quite some time the struggle between man and beast was very real. Nowadays we don’t have those worries, and in fact many species are at risk or endangered because hunters now think of hunting as sport.

In a recent development, a US dentist Walter Palmer lured a protected animal of a Zimbabwe park out of the vicinity to legally kill the animal. Since then Zimbabwe and the global public’s opinion of this unruly killing is demanding consequences for the act.

Whether you just don’t have the heart to kill another living being or just want to preserve the natural order of the world, DCI is bringing a new spin on trophy hunting with their collection of inflatable animal heads, most specifically the Unicorn. One of the rarest of magical creatures, this inflatable and decorative mount will remind your friends of that one time you went o Narnia seeking magic and came back with a Unicorn. Watch out, some of these Unicorns poop rainbows.Inflatable Unicorn Head Wall Decor (3)Inflatable Unicorn Head Wall Decor (1)Inflatable Unicorn Head Wall Decor (2)


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