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Inflatable Turkey Is The Perfect Substitute For Thanksgiving’s Mass Poultry Slaughter

In some families, it’s a tradition as profoundly ingrained throughout generation=s as wine, Black Friday battle strategies, and watching the Detroit Lions get their asses soundly handed to them: loved ones who gather but once a year seem to forget some due appreciation for the homespun culinary maestros preparing the spread. Well, folks, this is the year to fight back.

Let your family wonder just what in all that is holy has been making those heavy-breathing noises coming from the kitchen between what sounds like mutterings of “Motherf***ers…” and “Got your damn bird right here…” every few minutes. Come meal-time, if everyone hasn’t settled down, deposit this 16″ vinyl Inflatable Turkey in the center of the table, proclaim a victorious “Gobble-f***ing-gobble, giblet-f***ers”, then grab your keys to nab a pizza and catch a movie before you drown your sorrows in doorbusters until your relations send out a search party.

If nothing else, check out the deeper reaches of Unique Hunters for a few clever gifts to pair with this blow-up bird. We’ve recently featured a snowball launcher with an 80′ range and the mother of all rubber-band guns perfect for snapping off a few fun headshots at Turkey Lurkey after everyone wakes from their poultry naps.

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